Sunday, April 17, 2011

farmhouse update, april 17th, 2011

now that the weather is becoming more cooperative by the day, work on the house is starting to seem a bit less daunting . . .

this past week, we did some more hauling junk out of the building and taking stock of high-priority projects such as the blind roof valley (slated for the last week of april) and plaster tear-out. we also took advantage of the drier sunny weather to clear out the weedy overgrowth in the small backyard behind the house.

our newly clear back yard. the tilled area visible beyond the fence is the farm expansion.

to accomplish this incidental landscaping in the most satisfying manner possible, we enlisted the aid of an impromptu fire pit, which we set up in the lot that will eventually become the side yard. even though the wind gusts were quite strong while we were clearing brush, we managed to finish without creating an urban prairie fire.

the modest seeds of what will hopefully become a social nexus

more next week!

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