Sunday, April 3, 2011

farm updates from the beginning of april


now that spring is upon us, we have no further excuses for not putting some updates from our projects up on the internet. our goal involves weekly postings, so stay tuned.

about a month ago now, carolyn and i purchased the building at 5228 moran on detroit's east side. after testing the soil of some adjacent vacant lots about whose eventual acquisition we felt rather sanguine, we decided to invest a substantial amount of our time, money, energy and sanity for the sake of the urban homestead dream.

as the rehabilitation of the structure has strategic value for the short-term future of rising pheasant farms, we are committed to regularly posting the progress of the house's rise from the ashes (resvrget cineribvs) on this weblog. if you have ever thought about doing something even remotely along these lines, please feel free to check back often and learn from our experience!

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