Sunday, May 8, 2011

an update in pictures....

world's best saleswoman!
first market with our new banner (half painted)

view from our roof...Yes Farm in the foreground, Detroit skyline in the back
Jack fixing the leaky roof aka the stoic mountain man

Gwen spreading compost on the Frederick lots
Our compost hill!

carpentry at its best
Jack hammering together the first two walls of the cooler!

so in conclusion....we now have a sold out weekly market, a fixed roof, a compost pile and the beginnings of a walk-in cooler! 

and we've just begun....


  1. After being away, it was wonderful seeing the beautiful family at Eastern Market this morning! Also it was exciting to get some spring mix along with our sprouts this time. A big thank you for all your efforts in growing these beautiful veggies;^).
    Take good care~

  2. I am so greatful for people like you. You're doing EXACTLY what I want to do! I only hope for the best for you and all the very hard work you're putting into your farm. If you need any help and I am available you can call me, I would LOVE to hear from you. Take care!