Sunday, March 27, 2011

a new name, a new day!

what's in a name?

a lot actually...the process of changing one's farm name is surprisingly time consuming and a bit stressful.  cause its not just a name, it really does represent the vision of your farm and farming isn't just a job, its your life.

so why "rising pheasant farms" you may ask?  i love pheasants. i like animals in general, but i really love pheasants.  i didn't know this until i moved to detroit, as there are no pheasants in portage.

the pheasant has really become a symbol of detroit for many of the city it is a product of the emptiness, it thrives in our urban prairies.  it has flourished under rough circumstances, been opportunistic, and made do with what it had. detroiters are the same in many ways...taking a little and making a lot.  finding home in the rubble and always rising up again.

our city motto in which i take great pride, reads

"we hope for better things, it will rise from the ashes"

and so it will...

a wild flash of color rising from the prairie grasses, calling out for a new day.

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